Why and Where to do Video Marketing in 2018

Video marketing is an essential marketing tactic now days. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth much more than that.

Video Marketing Tips and Websites list

Some important facts show that the video marketing is a best strategy to get on top of Google search and to reach to the right audience in seconds.

If we optimize our video content then we will surely get more visitors than other marketing techniques. Below are some tips to keep in mind while you go for Video Marketing:

Tip 1 . Use High Quality Videos

Tip 2 . Good loading speed

Tip 3. Use Eye catching thumbnails

Tip 4. Video must have voice and it should be audible

Tip 5. Can include link of your page/website/other video

Tip 6.Try to add some interactive content

Tip 7. Don’t make long videos, keep them shorter

Tip 8. Optimize title, description and keywords

Tip 9. Make simple and animated videos to understand things easily

Tip 10. Host your video on websites like YouTube & Facebook

Tip 11. If you have some money and in hurry to increase your visibility, you can now run a paid video marketing campaign on Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn to make your video channel popular in very short time duration


The topic does not end here; we are providing you some key resources (list of video marketing websites) that can help you to publish and make your video available on the web to make it popular.

Here are top video sharing sites you can use:


Let us know (in the comment box) if you have some good video marketing sites that you want us to add in this list.